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Bubble Whale 6

Bubble popping becomes a bit more fun with exciting bonuses for extra large pops in Bubble Whale! Featuring a Big Pop for large bubble pops and drops, a Huge Pop for even bigger bubble pops, and a brand new Killer Pop for those awesome bubble pops that send the bubbles and underwater animals flying! These bubble bonuses give extra bubble game points that make your bubble game score grow to be whale sized! Big Pops give your whale 1,000 bubble points, Huge Pops are worth 5,000 bubble points, and Killer Pops are worth 10,000 bubble whale points!

Whale Bubble Bonuses

  • Big Pops award the bubble whale 1,000 bubble points!
  • Huge Pops award the bubble whale bubblepopper with 5,000 points!
  • Killer Pops are worth a whopping 10,000 bubble points!

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